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Email is simply mail on the internet. Email is slowly replacing the old snail mail otherwise known as regular mail. Where regular mail can take a day to weeks to deliver the post, your email account can transmit a message, letter or other types of mail material in seconds. There are two types of email accounts free email accounts and paid for email accounts. You free email accounts can be found at places like yahoo, Google and more. Paid email accounts can be part of your ISP account, Domain name account and expressly paid accounts.

One way to have a custom email account is to buy a domain name that reflects something about you, your business, your organization and more. Usually all domain names will come with a small email account privilege. If you desire a larger account for larger mail and mail keeping, you can add addition mail options that are provided by the domain name provider. For example you might have purchased a domain name like and set up an email account like

Most times with your email account you will have access to webmail. Webmail is like an email client in that it allows you to compose and send email messages, view email messages, and perform other email activities on your email provider’s servers. This is done online and can be done from any computer that you may be on, Webmail programs do not require configuration so you simply login to the server and they work. You may be able to customize the programs to match your operational preferences.

At SMP Into Tech we can provide you with business email options and also with personal email options.

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Create Email accounts at your domain and be able to increase the mailbox size. Our Email includes forwarding, webmail email with spam filters, virus filters.
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