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Web Hosting is an account on a computer server where your website resides, Here is where your web design is store so that it can be accessed from the internet. Your web hosting can be provided by you or it can be purchased from a supplier. If you decide to maintain a web server then you have to have equipment like a Server, High speed phone lines, software and more plus the skill to make it all work. The other solution is to use a web hosting supplier and only worry about you website files and design. SMP Info Tech is a reseller of web services like web hosting and we are here to supply you with the web services to get you up and running. We have three main areas of web hosting to help you. First is our Shared web hosting with three different options to choose from depending upon the disk space and bandwidth required. Shared web hosting is a server that may be shared with many other users. The other two options are a virtual dedicated web server and a dedicated web server. The virtual server is a server that is share amongst a few users and gives you a wider range of control. The dedicated server is all yours and you have control of the machine. Your access to the machines is only through the internet and physical access is not allowed. For both the virtual and dedicated servers you will need technical knowledge. If you run into a situation or want assistance on your servers then that can also be purchased through your SMP Info Tech Options.

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