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At SMP Info Tech we have various services that can help you get on the Internet. We have a saying that you want to get stuck on the web. Usually the first and most important step is to purchase a domain name. Then you need to design your website. We recommend that at first keep it simple but design it with expansion in mind. Once you have your design done its time to purchase a web hosting package. Purchase the web hosting plan that fits your situation. You can always purchase additional resources at another time. If you plan on a lot of communications via email, then purchase an email plan. Most domain name and web hosting packages come with a small email package. So if you’re planning on a larger volume of email then consider an addition larger email package for pennies a day. If you are going to sell product online, you will need a shopping cart. We have three shopping cart plans to choose from. When you have a shopping cart you should also consider a SSL Certificate. The purpose of a SSL Certificate is to secure the link between you and your customer. Now if you want to accept credit cards then you need to purchase a Merchant Account. You can accept most major credit cards with your merchant account. If you want to create your website with little or no knowledge of web page design then look into the build your own online website software, WebSite Tonight. It's easy to use this build your own website software as long as you can type, point click and drag and drop.
Let SMP Info Tech provide you with the following Cheap and affordable web services:
Providing low cost web hosting, cheap domain name registration, web services and web optimization for business and individuals. Select your domain name and hosting plan and get stuck on the web.
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Provide our customers with various web services that include domain name registration, web hosting, email plans, ssl certificates, Merchant accounts and more.
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